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Should you be looking for a place to run your business, Paarden Eiland is perhaps the most obvious and convenient choice of all, as it is within such close proximity to the commercial, industrial and retail hub of the centre of Cape Town. Paarden Eiland is a thriving and bustling industrial nucleus which is an interesting and unique marriage of impressively large and conveniently small showrooms and factories that manufacture a plethora of goods and products ranging from household supplies to motor vehicle parts. Being in such close proximity to the Cape Town harbour is what makes Paarden Eiland such a gem if you are looking for factory or office property, which is still affordable but where you won’t be restricted by space. Easy access to the N1 highway is also why this area is popular for businesses of all sizes, since logistics can certainly add a major expense. You will find that many people who live in the suburbs of the West Coast, like Table View, Milnerton and Blouberg – will actually work in Paarden Eiland, since these suburbs border on this area and also offer affordable housing because it is outside of the city centre. So if commercial property is on your list of things to look for then look no further than Paarden Eiland on the Cape West Coast – with it’s easy access to the harbour and just minutes from the city, not to mention a workforce which lives right on the doorstep, you could not find a better place to set up your business or factory.

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