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Kirstenhof makes up part of the Southern Suburbs and is adjacent to Tokai, with shopping centres, schools and 2 golf courses in close proximity. Kirstenhof is a very popular area for young families and offers great value for money in the Southern Suburbs. This popular suburb is just waiting for you to move in. It’s that un-fussed, vibrant area yet with a country feel that will make you feel right at home from day one.

Bordered by Tokai and Steenberg property for sale in this neighbourhood is often a high commodity, with prospective homeowners wanting a slice of Cape suburbia that is accessible to the rest of the Peninsula, a long term sound investment and suitable to their pocket. As is the case with many property opportunities in the Southern Suburbs, this area was once part of a much larger farmstead Kirstenhof. Sub-divided over time making the transformation from farmlands to suburbia an attractive option for investors, no time was wasted in laying claim to property on the market.

What continues to make Kirstenhof a winner are the attractive preserved green belts that make waking the dogs and get out and about with the family a real plus. Many homes have naturally become modernized over the years while others have retained their neat picket fence appearance. The nearby Westlake, Blue Route and Steenberg retail centres make for an exceptionally easy and uncomplicated lifestyle and the high standards of the gated communities have certainly been a draw card for this area. A more modern and upmarket feel puts modern day Kirstenhof as a clear front runner.

Luxury accommodation and fine restaurants are common place as Kirstenhof sits snugly within easy reach of Cape Town attractions. Schools, sporting facilities, medical care, cinemas and community amenities are among the best and are a breeze to access. As for the mountain views that form a semi-circle around the area and the choice of wine estates and the finest the Cape has to offer, this suburb will bring the comfort and style you are looking for.

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