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Property seekers looking for opportunities either to invest, or in which to reside, should look with interest at Goodwood. A scant 10kms from the Cape Town City Centre it has the advantage of offering swift and easy access to town, but at the same time gives a strong sense that one is out of the built up city. Goodwood lies between the so called desirable southern suburbs and the perhaps slightly less sought after northern suburbs. As such it has a unique appeal for property owners.

Goodwood has developed its own singular personality and as such attracts a wide range of interest across the economic spectrum. Goodwood takes its name from the well-known English racecourse set on the rolling Sussex Downs. It causes little surprise to learn that Goodwood in the Cape was so named because this entire area was initially used to train and race horses. That atmosphere still pervades part of this green suburb which is reminiscent of those days. Goodwood is close to most of the recognised facilities and attractions which together make up areas deemed desirable by potential investors. Glenwood, Goodwood Park, Goodwood West, Tygerdal and Vrizjee are all a part of Goodwood and each with different characteristics. Each offers clear opportunities for property investment. Close by is the exciting GrandWest Casino which offers an amazing 24 hour entertainment experience. It is also the only casino operating in the Western Cape.

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