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Like a firefly to a lamp, home owners and investors are attracted to the idyllic lifestyle on offer at Atlantic Beach Golf Estate, where the surrounding Fynbos and unspoiled natural surroundings flank this state-of-the-art respite, far from the madding crowd. Here nature blends in perfectly with a superb architectural masterpiece. An ambience of relaxation greets the potential home owner, and if it is golf you love above all else, what could be more endearing than being able to play this fabulous game on one of the most professional courses, whenever your heart desires?

Homes range from the luxurious to the more relaxed and down-to-earth family-friendly options. Whether it is a lock-up-and-go place for the yuppie businessman or a home that you wish to build for a family – Atlantic Beach Properties has a veritable feast to offer those that love to play golf, enjoy an exclusive lifestyle or simply love to take long leisurely walks along the nearby golden, sandy beaches. Secure living offers residents a safe environment in which to live, which in turn offers peace of mind.

This estate is meticulously managed, with design restrictions to make sure that every structure fits in to the natural surroundings as well as possible. Landscaped gardens and of course the manicured golf course all lend to the natural surroundings of the estate. If estate living appeals to you then make sure you have a look at the properties on offer in the Atlantic Beach Estate, where you can work in town and be home before the sun sets to sip on your cocktail after having walked your dog on the beach – which makes living all the more fun!

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