568 Sqm Commercial For Sale In Epping For R 2600000.00



Bofors Circle Epping – 568m² SOLD!!!!

* 568 Sq M

Industrial for Sale



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WALLS:Exterior – Face brick
Boundary and interior walls bagged brickwork.

FLOORS:Factory floors rotary trowelled finish – 125mm / 25mpa
Offices tiles (hardwearing)
Toilets and tea nooks ceramic tiles
Stores and workshops same as factory floor

ROOF:Portal Frame and steel columns as per engineer specifications.
Chromadeck or similar sheeting with Polycarp panels
Light panels and ridge vents

TILING:Behind basins and sinks provide ceramic tiles to ht of 300 min.

SANITARY WARE:Toilet pans white ceramicCisterns ceramic (white)
Stainless sinks with cupboards below, 1 m units.

DOORS:Internal doors hollow core with steel frames painted.
External doors – aluminium.
Locks to internal doors 2 lever Union and external door locks 3 lever.

WINDOWS:All standard aluminium windows sizes

STAIRS:Reinforced concrete, tile with non slip ceramic tiles
Balustrades and handrails galvanized steel

CEILINGS: Factory space has no ceilings but will have sisalation under roof covering.
Ceilings in offices and toilets.

ELECTRICITY: 60 amps, 3 Phase supply with sufficient plugs and lights

WATER: Water supply 80mm to development

PAVING: Cement pavers for heavy duty access

FENCING: Palisade steel fencing

Extract: 568m² Warehouse FOR SALE


* parking

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